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Personal Wealth & Corporate Management Services

Enjoy life, while building your business, growing and preserving your wealth

Our Wealth Management Team is a one stop centre for personal wealth and corporate financial management.

Why use our services?

Our Personal Wealth management services include:

  1. Wealth growth, preservation and increasing your net-worth.
  2. We have a proven platform for industry benchmarking, without any pre-fixed quota, to grow, preserve and increase your net-worth.
  3. We only work for you and your interest!
  4. We can also customise and design a Financial Roadmap that suits your individual risk profile, objective and horizon.
  5. Clients whom have hired us as their personal Financial Adviser can vouch that the Money Optimization System that we adopt has proven to have help clients grow their net-worth between 10-29%.


Our Corporate Management services include:

  1. Incorporation of new business to managing your monthly/annual financial operations.
  2. You can focus on building your business and bring in more revenue while outsourcing the regular tedious task without sacrificing your business needs.
  3. Smooth and efficient management financial operations, which will build your customer, supplier and banker’s confidence.
  4. Smooth running of accounting, tax and audits.

Range of Financial Services Offered

Company Secretarial Services.

  1. Incorporation of Sdn Bhd, Bhd, PLT, Offshore (Nominee, etc), ROS (Corporation, Association)
  2. Winding/Strike up
  3. Annual return filing
  4. Prepare Board Resolutions
  5. Attend Board Meeting

Account Services

  1. System Implementation
  2. Book-keeping services (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  3. Project Accounting (back-dated issues)

Tax Assurance

  1. Tax Submission
  2. Tax Advisory
  3. Tax Audit

Corporate Affairs

  1. Financing
  2. Corporate Advisory
  3. Merger & Acquisition (Company Listing/Delisting)
  4. Company Restructuring
  5. Application for Interest Scheme Program (Via SSM)

Wealth Management

  1. Business Succession Planning
  2. Private Retirement Scheme (Tax Relief Scheme up to 19%)
  3. Holistic Financial Advisory
    • Investment Planning & Management
    • Risk Management (Personal Insurance & Business Indemnity (Key-man) & Group Employee Benefit Scheme (Compensation and Retention))
    • Retirement Planning
    • Children Tertiary Education Planning
    • Asset Protection (Wills, Trust & Foundation Set up)
    • Estate Planning – Conventional & Shariah Compliant
      (Wasiat, Hibah, Harta Sepencarian, Amanah)
    • Debt & Loan Management

Other Sub-Financial Related Services

  1. Account Application for
    • GST Account
    • Tax Number
    • Business License
    • Work Permit
    • EPF Account
    • Socso Account
  2. Residential Address
  3. Virtual Office
  4. MM2H Program (Coming soon)
  5. Nominee Service
  6. Application for Grants
Personal Wealth & Corporate
Management Services